DANCE CLASS:   Beginners
DANCE STYLE:   10 Dance
DAY & TIME:         Monday 8pm

TEACHERS:          Cushla Gillard
                                   Ian Gillard

COST:                     $20 pp per class

When you’ve always wanted to but not yet tried the beginners ballroom dancing class is just for you! Who knows we may find a hidden champion in you yet and if not, it’ll be fun all the same. Seriously though, ballroom dancing is for everyone. So if you’re young or old come and enjoy learning in our beginners class. Come along with or without a partner. We hope to see you on the floor soon.


DANCE CLASS:  Intermediate
DANCE STYLE:  10 Dance
DAY & TIME:        Monday 7pm


COST:                     $20 pp per class
Take your dancing to the next level and let your inner ballroom come alive. In a short while we bet you’ll be proud to show off your improving dance steps. This class is “just right” for dancers who have completed the beginner's class. 


DANCE CLASS: Advanced Technique
DANCE STYLE:  10 Dance

DAY & TIME:        
Latin:           Wednesday 7pm
                                 Standard:  Wednesday 8pm

TEACHER:            Leeanne Bampton
COST:                     $20 pp per class

You maybe on your way to the competition floor but even if competition is not your aim, our technique classes, for intermediate to advanced dancers, will fine tune your steps and hone your skills. Sydney Ballroom caters for the talented and enthusiastic!

New Vogue

DANCE CLASS:    New Vogue
DANCE STYLE:    New Vogue
DANCER LEVEL: Beginner & Intermediate
DAY & TIME:          Sunday 5pm

TEACHERS:          Leeanne Bampton
                                   Ian Gillard
COST:                      $20 pp per class

A class for all ages and abilities, new vogue dance style is an australian form of sequence dancing that originated in the 1930s. Since then it has become an important part in the Australian and New Zealand Ballroom scene, holding as much importance in social and competition dancing as latin or international standard dances.


DANCE CLASS:  Kids & Teens
DANCE STYLE:   10 Dance & New Vogue
DAY & TIME:        Baby Ballroom:                
                                                   Sunday  11am 

                                  Beginner Bronze:          
                                                   Friday      5pm

                                  Intermediate Bronze:  
unday 10am
                                  Advanced Bronze:         
                                                    Sunday   9am

TEACHER:           Emily Thomas
                                 Brad Humphreys

COST:                    $15 pp per class

Kid’s Classes are a fun & social way to learn Dancesport! Designed within a syllabus based framework, children will develop their skills in movement, balance & posture as they learn dances across all three styles. Within this social learning environment children are encouraged to work both as a team & as individuals as they gain confidence, respect & better communication in themselves & others.

We provide many opportunities for children such as medal examinations each semester & competitions should they wish to develop their performance skills further. Kid’s private lessons are also available to support children in their personal development & goals upon request. We always do our best to guide each child as they navigate their own dancing journey - whether that be socially or competitively!



DAY & TIME:         By Appointment Only

TEACHERS:         Various

Enquire about private tuition if you are wanting to accelerate your learning and move up to the next dance class level. Private lessons are a great way to perfect routines for medal tests for those interested in competition dancing.

These lessons are tailored to each individual’s needs with a focus on key elements in both technique and choreography. Learning will be taught at your pace in a relaxed and friendly environment. Private lessons can be one on one, a couple or even a small group. If you are struggling to keep up with a class or just eager to advance through the class levels then taking private lessons will ensure the desired results will be achieved. A private lesson is arranged at a time which is convenient to you. A cancellation fee will apply if less than 24 hours notice is given for cancelled lessons.


DAY & TIME:        By Appointment Only 

TEACHERS:         Emily Thomas

COST:                     Single Lesson (1 hour):   $95
                                  4 x  Single (1 hour) lessons: $350
Each couple we meet are unique & have their own story. Like your special day, we aim to guide you on the dance floor in a first dance that is comfortable & bespoke to you. Many of our wedding couples arrive as beginners, only to leave with a newfound confidence & love for the dance floor. We are here to guide you each step of the way! 

We do not lock couples into a set requirement of lessons, giving you the opportunity to choose from single lessons or a package should you prefer. Each couple have a different idea of how they would like their first dance to be & therefore may need a different number of lessons. Note that for example, a mashup or heavily choreographed dance will require more lessons than a basic routine.

We can create a dance for your wedding party (with optional music cutting for an extra fee)
Wedding dances can include: 

  • Entrance Dances
  • Father & daughter / son
  • Mother & son / daughter
  • Bridal party
  • Groomsmen
  • Bridesmaids
Please note:

Payment is required upfront for the first lesson

Music cutting service $50 fee. $20 per change thereafter.

If you cancel your lesson less than 48 hours before it is scheduled, you will be subject to a cancellation fee (see cancellation policy). To avoid cancellation fees please provide cancellation notice at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled lesson


DANCE LEVEL:  Beginner & Intermediate
DAY & TIME:        Sunday 11am

TEACHERS:         Tianna Koolloos
                                  Justin Lim

COST:                     $20 pp per class

Training Sessions

DANCE CLASS: Training Sessions
DANCE STYLE:  10 Dance & New 
DAY & TIME:        10 Dance:      
                                  Wednesday  10:30am-12:30pm

                                  New Vogue:
                                  Sunday              5:30pm-7:30pm

TEACHER:            Leeanne Bampton

COST:                     $15 pp per class

Stamina Training

DANCE CLASS: Stamina Training 
DANCE STYLE:  10 Dance                            

DAY & TIME:        Friday  9:00pm - 10:30pm
TEACHER:            Leeanne Bampton

COST:                     $5.00 pp per class