Membership: Practice Fees
To those of you who wish to practice your dance steps at the studio:

We clarify the membership policy:

All dance students and teachers who practice either before or after a lesson and/or on separate occasions are required to pay the annual membership fee.

Dancers who solely come for a group class are not required to pay the membership fee.

The fee is $200 / year - January to December - and is only $3.85 a week. The price of a coffee!
Due by 15th January 2020, after this the fee will increase to $250

The reason for the fee is that this is a privately owned and run studio, operating two wooden sprung floors running at one time. It is also one of the few air conditioned studios, with unlimited access, day and night, to the floors and music.

We need membership fees for studio to be viable. This is a strict requirement.

Please note that teachers have priority on the floor and music. Please be considerate to them.

We understand that many of you have been coming to my studio for many years, and we do appreciate your loyalty and support of this studio.

Best Regards